If you knew you could get a 30% return in a sector over the next year, would that be something that you might be interested in? Rational investors are nodding their heads in agreement right now, so if you are too, then it’s time you start looking seriously at that sector . . . and that sector is the beaten-up energy space.

Yes, oil prices are down big, with the price of crude sinking over 20% so far this year. A combination of a supply gut and slack demand have teamed up to put heavy downward pressure on energy-related commodities. Yet despite the losses in the space — or perhaps because of them — the energy bulls are coming out of the proverbial woodwork. Recently, none other than Goldman Sachs issued a report that predicted a 29% return over the next year from the Standard & Poor’s GSCI Enhanced Commodity Index, an index led by energy and industrial-metals.

According to Goldman analyst Jeffrey Currie, European policy makers will be able to contain the euro-area debt crisis, while recovery in the U.S. and China will continue — and that confluence of factors will be a big driver for commodity prices going forward. I suspect that Currie’s thesis is accurate, and given the selling we’ve seen in energy commodities this year, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) pegged to the sector’s fortunes are selling at a very attractive price.

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On the following pages are 4 ETFs for the coming energy boom.