It’s amazing to see the continuing inability of Wall Street to grasp the fundamental of power of Apple (AAPL) products, the Apple product strategy, the Apple community and the Apple brand to satisfy immediate needs. Apple products are personal devices that are truly personal – they are your iPhone or iPad, customized with apps and email and whatever to meet your specific needs.

And the Apple community of products and services – the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the cloud, iTunes – all serve that same need, seamlessly. “Better, cheaper, faster” has been the mantra of tech since the invention of the modern computer. Apple has re-defined “better, cheaper, and faster” and that is why its products are on a tear, as is the company and over time, the stock.

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Why have there been mixed opinions and forecasts to date, holding back a stock that is now trading earnings ratios below the S&P, even though it is growing six to seven times faster on the revenues side and more than ten times faster on the profit side than the average non-financial S&P company?

On the following Pages are 6 Myths about Apple’s Stock Price Power: