U.S. manufacturing is rebounding because the cost differential between the U.S. and Asia will never be as wide as it was – and the gap is now narrowing.SONY DSC

We’re in a very early phase of this renaissance for manufacturing in America – and it will take years for the manufacturers of finished goods to see the full benefits of this turnaround. What companies are benefitting right now? Those companies making what I call Big Iron, even those few if any goods are made with iron any more. Stable energy prices created by the U.S. energy boom benefit those manufacturers, allowing them to lower energy costs in the U.S. to run their factories and bolstering general economic recovery underway.

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There are no hidden gems here – they are out in the open, known – and undervalued because Wall Street still has put energy and manufacturing in the same sentence. What a surprise. And the rebound starts with the automakers.

On the following pages are 6 top manufacturing stocks made in America.