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Why Markets Will Rally in 2014: 5 Key Factors


iStock_000011375733XSmall Bull Market_0It has been a glorious time this year for investors, at least those that believed in the market.

I’ll admit to having some skepticism heading into 2013. When I offered my Top Stocks to Own in 2013, it was on the heels of my 2012 picks generating 40% for the year. I have enough respect for the market to know how difficult it would be to repeat that performance. So, I hedged by suggesting that I would do only half as well in 2013.

Now, 11 months later, that list of 10 stocks for 2013 stands at an aggregate gain of 57%. It’s enough to make your head spin. More importantly, one can rightly question if such good fortune can continue.

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If I was hedging my bets in 2013, I will surely hedge my bets for 2014, right? Not so fast. The animal spirits are stirring and one can easily conjure a scenario for more gains ahead.

OK, I’m pretty sure any list of 10 stocks will be hard pressed to gain more than 50%, but unlike the bubble maniacs and their doom and gloom expectations from here, I think it is most reasonable to assume more gains in 2014. How much more depends on a number of factors, but there are a few things this market needs to continue its ascent.

Here are 5 of them:

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