The headlines are crying out “global recession,” and the market has taken note. Stocks around the world have been beaten up since March, a big disappointment considering the rip-roaring start they enjoyed during the first three months of the year. All eyes have been trained on Europe and its debt-fueled, ailing economy, and that’s caused a lot of selling in emerging markets that supply a lot of the goods and services Europeans buy. Of course, the biggest emerging market is China, and there, too, we’ve seen a decided slowdown in that country’s economy. We’ve also seen a consistent decline in China’s manufacturing sector, which suggest tough times ahead for their exports.

So, with all of the negatives hovering over global markets right now, why would anyone consider stepping into this beaten-up sector?

The first reason is the potential for big gains when the market reverses. The second reason is that you can collect a nice yield while you’re waiting for that share price appreciation. Here are five bruised emerging market ETFs to buy now.