Gold_coins_tippping_2010-12-03_1048This just in: The United States has a lot of filthy rich people, says the Swiss Financial Group in its annual Global Wealth Report.

That’s right. About 43% of the world’s wealthiest, those with a net worth of more than $50 million, live right here in America. That’s more than China, Japan, and much of Europe combined.

And, I’m pretty sure at least half live right under my nose here in the OC—home of The Housewives of Orange County and outrageously expensive mansions sitting perilously above the Pacific Ocean.

As I drove down Pacific Coast Highway the other day, reaching as fast as I could to turn off the pre-Thanksgiving Christmas music on the radio, I got to thinking: What do people for whom money is no object buy as holiday gifts? Surely, it can’t be the same items that will lure shoppers to stores on Turkey Thursday and Black Friday for bargains like 5 pairs of sox for $10.

So, I did a little holiday searching and came up with a sample wish list for America’s 42%. Even if you’re closer to the bottom 10%—like yours truly—it’s still fun to window shop.

Here are five fabulous and outrageous gifts: