IRS.OFFICEThe Internal Revenue Service is mired in scandal after being forced to admit that it targeted conservative political organizations to see if they had been violating their tax-exempt status. The timing of this witch hunt makes it even more scandalous, as it occurred largely in the midst of the 2012 presidential election.

On May 10, the IRS publicly apologized for what it so understatedly called its “inappropriate” actions. Those actions included flagging groups that had the words “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” and “9/12” in their names. Since that admission, additional information has surfaced that makes this situation even more pernicious. We now know that as early as 2011, the IRS was watching tax-exempt political groups that were critical of government spending and tax policy, or that were simply unhappy with the way the country is being run.

Now, if you’re shocked at these allegations, similar to the way President Obama appeared to be at a recent press conference, where he called the scandal “outrageous,” then you are either naïve or you haven’t read much history. You see, the latest IRS political scandal is just one in a long line of incidents (that we know about) where the IRS has been used by those in power as a weapon against citizens.

So, what are some of the tax collection agency’s most egregious scandals? Here’s a peek at the ugly and ignominious hit parade.