We are a boutique publisher providing actionable, personal solutions for wealth-building, business growth and health/wellness through high-quality education, training, mentoring and other products and services.

Our online stock market educational and advisory products and services for self-directed investors and traders include the popular Options Income Blueprint and Millionaire Blueprint.

Founding members David Durham and John Hutchinson have worked with several of the largest financial publishers in the country. Together, they bring over 40 years of experience in the investment advisory and education business.

Today, the Traders Reserve team delivers best-in-class products and services to independent investors, traders, entrepreneurs and health-conscious people worldwide.

Traders Reserve’s headquarters is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.


David Durham

A 30-year veteran of the direct response business, Dave launched and built multiple business units for Phillips International (InvestorPlace Media).

Phillips was primarily a newsletter publishing business, but in 1989, Dave started their trade magazine and conference business in the technology and defense markets and built it up to $30 million in sales within 5 years.

From there, he moved back into the consumer financial marketplace within Phillips to take over and rebuild their mutual fund newsletter publishing business from 2 fledgling services into 5 major products that produced $20 million in sales.

Dave was asked by Tom Phillips, founder and owner of Phillips International, to create a franchise within the company that would test the use of traditional direct response marketing in an online environment.

Dave launched ChangeWave Investing in fewer than 3 years with a $24 million dollar business that had grown to include 6 additional publications, a thriving research business and a prolific content generation machine.

Dave concluded his time at Phillips by identifying the move of individual investors into active trading and made the push within the company to introduce active trading services, options trading services, and utilize video in both marketing and delivery of product for is changing customer base.

John Hutchinson

Traders Reserve cofounder, John Hutchinson, is the product mastermind behind The Stock Investors Blueprint, Millionaire 50, Options Income Blueprint and Six-Figure Portfolio Coaching.

The entrepreneurial bug bit John at an early age. His first endeavor was his paper route, which he grew from 60 to over 120 daily deliveries.

His latest venture: Entreprenation – an online training, coaching and development program to ignite entrepreneurial success with proven strategies to increase sales, accelerate revenue and build dominant, sustainable businesses. John’s book, The Wealth Shield, is available on Amazon.com.


Michael Shulman

A 30-year stock market veteran, Michael Shulman is a trader, financial analyst and writer (Sell Short, Made in America). A frequent contributor to sites like Seeking Alpha, MSN Money, Main Street Investor, and Investorplace, Shulman helps investors put more money in their pockets every week with a unique options selling strategy with a mind-blowing success rate.

Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis has nearly 20 years of experience in the investment and trading publishing industry.

Jon is an expert in option education and applying sentiment research to the analysis of stocks and sectors. His passion is training and creating education products dealing with stock and options trading.

He served for nine years as the managing editor of one of the nation’s leading options newsletters and executive editor of a leading options and financial research website.

Jon’s work has appeared in Bloomberg Personal Finance, Active Trader, CNBC.com, On Investing, Trader’s Journal, Technically Speaking and Stocks, Futures & Options.

Additionally, he has created and directed several options trading services, using both buying and selling strategies, and conducted numerous educational workshops at investor symposiums and for various investor groups.