Dip, Dive, or Dodge – Is a Recession Coming?

ip, Dive, or Dodge - Is a Recession Coming?

The latest round of economic data threw some cold water on the market rally and there’s a key piece of data causing the issue. It’s something that John writes about all the time and has been warning us about for the last year.

And that one data point is signaling an imminent recessionary bear market in the equities market.

Undercover Dividend Stocks

Dividend Artistocrats are the stocks that have been paying consistently rising dividends for at least 25 years and are part of the S&P 500 index.

And while that has been outperforming the S&P 500, I chose to go in a different direction to find undercover dividend stocks to build my portfolio.

This CAT has claws!

While the limelight may have been stolen by the soaring AI stocks in recent months, the industrial sector has been quietly surging alongside, and one standout in this resurgence is Caterpillar (CAT). In our Options Trader Pro service, we’ve been consistently capitalizing on CAT since mid-February, executing bullish positions with a remarkable 100% success rate. Across four spread trades, we’ve accumulated $571 (based on trading 1 contract), boasting an average return on capital of 7% within an average timeframe of just 18 calendar days per trade.

Mastering the Holiday Trade with Calendar Spreads

While consumer discretionary stocks have lagged the broader market over the past six months, they could begin to play catchup when the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. Today, we’ll review five companies that should be on every income trader’s radar — whether they are looking for consistent income streams or opportunistic trades.

Volatility Returns To Close The Quarter

As we work our way through the last week of summer, we know that trading volumes should be lighter and should stay within a tight trading range.

The traders sitting at the controls were likely told not to let the market fall apart while the higher-ups wrapped up their vacations.

Today I want to cover some recent emails I’ve received and then look at why we have an increase in volatility.

Bad News Is No Longer Good News

What happens when you hope a single ticker will bear the brunt of the entire market? The positive momentum leading into Nvidia’s (NVDA) earnings report was halted at the end of the week. Even though NVDA had blowout earnings that showed a pot of gold at the end of the AI rainbow, investors still sold news after bidding it higher all week heading into the announcement as the hope of lowering interest rates dwindled further. While weakness in the economy will help the Fed decide to lower interest rates, it means the recession may finally be here, and that spells trouble for investors.

Nvidia And Lower Yields Save Equities

We are at a point in time when bad news becomes good news for the global markets.

Mid-week markets rose on weaker-than-expected U.S. and European economic news, and the Hope Machine was again flipped to the ON position.

Investors used the poor data to feed their hope that the Fed and ECB will be forced to pause interest rate hikes.

But what will the Fed do after Nvidia (NDVA) crushed earnings and gapped higher?

Well, I will tell you what the oddsmakers are thinking…

Hope Is Not A Plan

Bond yields are hurting the market right now and were partially responsible for the pullback earlier in the week.

There’s also global concern that China’s faltering economy will drag down global growth.

And with inflation not behaving, the Fed may need to change its mantra of “higher for longer” to “even higher for even longer” which would hurt equities.

I’ll explain why treasury yields keep going higher and when we may see some relief.

Don’t Get Jackson Holed

Remember the last time the Fed gathered in Wyoming with other economic geniuses and blessed the markets with words of wisdom? If you don’t remember, I have a chart of it coming up for you, but here’s a hint… It’s enough to make you a believer in portfolio hedging!

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