Sell Puts for Even MORE Income During Market Sell-Offs

August 22, 2019

You probably hear that selling put options for income is a bullish or even a neutral strategy best employed when the market is in an upward trend.

But you can also enjoy success in selling put options in a declining …

Finding the Perfect Income Stock

August 12, 2019

Is there such thing as a perfect income stock?

I get quite a few emails from options sellers; here’s one of the most common: “The premiums on this stock look great. What do you think of the company?”

That’s what …

10 States With the Highest Gas Tax

July 25, 2019

Summer is here and Americans are hitting the highways in their cars, SUVs, trucks and campers for vacations, trips and family outings.

And that means a lot of gas will be sold at the pump.

While gas prices have slowly …

3 Stocks Killing It in Mobile Payments

July 10, 2019

Mobile payments are one of the biggest trends for investors to capitalize on in the next few years.

And I’m far from alone in my bullishness on the sector.

“Payments are a huge deal worldwide,” this according to Warren Buffett …

5 dividend stocks to buy now

June 8, 2019

With another Fed rate cut around the corner and bond yields crumbling, getting a consistent dividend increase isn’t enough of an allure if you aren’t getting a good yield on your money.

What income investors need to uncover are companies …

3 stocks on sale for Memorial Day

May 24, 2019

Holiday weekends are infamous for big sales. You can even stocks on sale this weekend, if you know where to look.

Here’s where the deep discounts are hiding.

With stocks at all-time highs, finding bargains has grown increasingly challenging. There …

5 ETFs paying fat dividends

May 15, 2019

The ETF landscape is wide enough now that you don’t have to venture into individual equities to collect fat dividends from high yield stocks. Today, there are ETFs that do just that, and the following 5 are a few of …

20 winning trades … in a row… on 1 stock

May 7, 2019

How would you like to find a stock you could make 20 winning trades in a row?

And, more importantly, a stock that I believe will continue to be one of the greatest trading successes of the year ahead?


Spring “trading” off to a fast start

May 1, 2019

Options Income Blueprint members got off to a fast start this spring closing 8 trades for $1,995 of cash (a 1.3% return on capital).

We opened with a home run from a Trip Advisor (NASDAQ: TRIP) buy/write trade …

Generate weekly income with ‘The Flip’

April 3, 2019

The market can be fickle when it comes to generating weekly income.

That is a kind way to describe how a bull market can turn vicious and hit your capital — the capital you are using to generate income — …