The biotech sector has long been a sector where traders and investors chase big profits from these “aggressive growth” stocks.

Believe it or not, in the last several years the biotech sector has become a “safe haven” for income generation…if you know where to look.

In my Options Income Blueprint Service, we dipped back into this sector recently and found we can still generate meaningful weekly option cash from a drug company.

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  ( ) has long been a favorite income generating drug stock of mine, and I believe the company is the most most understood large cap on Wall Street and the most undervalued stock in the S&P 500.

Gilead boasts a net profit margin — a key metric for its industry — of nearly 43%, the highest of all its drug peers.

Recent headlines have hit the stock hard but despite the recent downturn, GILD has a bright future based on a new cancer treatment that recently received FDA approval.

There are both weekly and monthly call options on Gilead and they have fat premiums compared to many other stocks. The typical weekly call, sold at the strike price one dollar above the current share price can yield half a percent a week. That is the equivalent of a 25% percent a year income payout.

So last month, we sold a GILD weekly put option for $330 and bought it back 5 days later for $138 … resulting in a net cash profit of $192 with the 3 contracts we sold …a 1.4% return in one week or 73% return annualized. Not bad for a so-called “risky biotech.”

Gilead is not the only biotech to pump out weekly cash income. Stocks like   ( ),   ( ) and even a biotech exchange traded fund like the   ( ) can reward investors with rich weekly option premiums.

The next time you go looking for income from selling weekly options, don’t over look the “biotechs.”