Andeavor (ANDV) racks up another weekly cash paycheck!

Ring the bell again…

This past week my Options Income Blueprint members cashed out of our Andeavor   ( )(formerly Tesoro) weekly put options with a quick $336 or 1.2% return in just 5 days.

Now that’s an extra weekly paycheck!

We sold the 97.50 weekly put option on Monday for $185 and then rolled it two days later for another $151 of premium and closed it out Friday for $336 of total cash profit.

And we’ll go back to Andeavor again for weekly cash trades.

Why does this stock generate so much weekly income?

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Andeavor   ( ) remains the best independent refiner in the U.S. Their expanding operating margins for at least another four quarters and the stock is grossly undervalued, selling at a P/E multiple of less than 10.

ANDV trades easily and well, is liquid and is quite volatile due to (a.) fluctuations in the world price of oil, and (b.) the rapid movement of capital in and out of energy ETFs and mutual funds that move as investors trade the price of oil.

And the premiums are the highest you may see on an undervalued, low-risk company and equity.

And that makes ANDV a perfect candidate for my Options Income Blueprint strategy of selling weekly options for fast cash profits on stocks with long-term growth consistency.

Hey…I’m looking at option premiums for next week and I’m seeing some rich premiums sitting in the ANDV options just ready to put in our pockets.

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Michael Shulman

Michael Shulman is a 30 Year Veteran of the financial markets – as a trader, a financial analyst, a financial writer and most recently as an educator.,,Mr. Shulman made his first option trade in 1985 – COMPAQ Computer calls – a position that expired worthless. His second trade broke even; the third brought him a year’s salary, a near twenty to one return on his investment. He has never looked back. He entered the financial publishing business formally in 2001 as director of research for ChangeWave Research’s institutional research business and as the writer and editor of Hedge Fund Investing.

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