Is It Time To Sell In May and Go Away?

Sell in May and Go Away?

It’s the end of a wild month. We saw Nvidia blow out earnings once again, treasury yields spiked, putting a damper on the bull rally, and now the market is wondering if a July Fed cut will happen. With most of this earnings season out of the way, rising yields are the headwind of this market moving higher. But why are they rising now? What’s in store for June? Let’s review what the charts tell us.

Finding Opportunities Amid Record-Low VIX

Finding Opportunities Amid Record-Low VIX

Volatility is near record-low levels, which is prompting us to add new tactics to our trading arsenal. Find out how Income Masters members locked in a 5.3% return on Microsoft (MSFT) — in just three days — by utilizing a neutral-to-bullish strategy that benefits from time decay.

FRDP Special – For Chris Y – Nextracker (NXT)


During our Investor’s Blueprint Live conference in February, and again in an article here on Traders Reserve, I recommended Nextracker (NXT) as a post-IPO, small-cap stock worth owning as a ‘foundation’ stock in the solar industry.

Today, I want to share the value of assessing your stocks across different timeframes and validating whether shares should still be held.

But, I’m going to do it in an unusual way…

Alternative Approach to Nvidia’s Earnings Pays Off

navigate market volatility and generate income

Now that the Nvidia earnings frenzy has passed, let’s look at how we capitalized on the volatility surrounding the AI leader’s announcement with a trade that yielded a nearly 11% return. And the best part is we didn’t have to guess what the company would say or which way the stock might trade post-earnings.

Is It NVDA or Bust Today?

Anticipation Builds

Today is the day the market has been waiting for. The rally from all-time highs stalled as the market awaits the Nvidia (NVDA) earnings report. The macroeconomic calendar is fairly light this week, so it all comes down to this moment. Will the bears wake from hibernation or will the bulls stomp higher to new ground? How did the market respond the last time Nvidia announced?

Market Soars To New Highs – Now What?

It wasn’t long ago that I wrote an article about how I disagreed with the adage, “Sell in May and Go Away.” The major indices shook off a rocky April and soared to new heights, but the question I get all the time is, “With markets at new highs, when is a good time to enter?” What typically happens when markets make new highs? Is it best to wait from here? What I found out might surprise you.

Goldilocks Environment or Bull Trap?

Bull Trap

The S&P 500 put the April dip behind it as it rose to new highs this week. The bulls have overtaken the bears as investors take any bit of economic information as a sign that rate cuts are coming soon. Are we in a Goldilocks environment or does something wicked this way come? Where might the market head next with the bulls in control? Let’s take a look at that and more!

The Coiled Spring Is Ready To Pop

The next few days are crucial for the markets, and your portfolios. The market wants to see a rate cut over the summer, but I don’t think they’ll get what they want, and that could lead to a bumpy ride ahead. Let’s break down what you need to know.

Strategy Tweak Leads to 2024’s Biggest Profit

2024s biggest profit

Let’s take a look at how Options Income Weekly members have fared over the past month and a half, including landing their biggest profit of the year with a position that was a bit of a divergence from our typical trade.

Is This Proof The Market Is Headed For Disaster?

Stocks are rallying and investors are shrugging off the Fed again, despite the Fed announcing that inflation isn’t where they want it to be and a Fed governor saying risks are tipped more toward higher inflation than a weaker economy. While they didn’t mention the risk of a rate hike, it still sounds like the Fed is trying to warn investors and investors don’t care.

Let’s take a look at what that means for the markets for the rest of this week and beyond.

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