Market Analysis January 2024

Good morning, everyone, John Hutchinson with Filthy Rich, Dirt Poor 

I want to take a quick walk through some critical trends we discussed back in December, and show you how those trends are continuing here in the early weeks of the new year, they are a concern, something to pay attention to, especially for those of you trading options selling options for income. 

One critical trend that we have observed since December is the divergence between stocks priced above and below $100 per share. 

This trend is currently impacting the market, with small caps underperforming. 

This may be a cause of concern for those with limited capital looking for lower-priced stocks. As traders, we need to exercise caution and be aware of the higher volatility in smaller cap stocks. 

The Fed’s policy meetings are also an important factor that could impact the market. There is speculation about whether the Fed will cut interest rates this year, and we need to keep an eye on the policy meetings for any potential changes in monetary policy. 

The first FOMC policy meeting of this year is scheduled for March 20, and it is expected to be a crucial meeting for traders and investors. The market has been bullish in anticipation of the Fed cutting rates multiple times this year, but I believe that there may not be any rate cuts in March or May. 

The S&P 500 is currently trading at 20 times forward earnings, which is very bullish for the current economic conditions. While inflation is coming down, the recent increase in consumer confidence has contributed to this bullish trend. 

Consumers are feeling better about the economy, and they see inflation dissipating in time. The current economic conditions are still good, and this is a positive sign for traders and investors. 

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