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Volatility, Volatility, Volatility

9th October 2015 Elliott Wave International Market Commentary, Options

Weak Market Trumps Good Earnings Reports

28th September 2015 Jamie Dlugosch Earnings

FedEx Earnings a Game Changer for 2016

16th September 2015 Jamie Dlugosch Earnings, Featured, Stocks
Earnings Knock?

Will Earnings Knock Netflix?

15th July 2015 Jamie Dlugosch Earnings, Featured
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Getting Bullish on Chinese Stocks

26th June 2015 Elliott Wave International Currency, Market Commentary
Greek_Bailout PIc

Greek Drama Continues

22nd June 2015 Keith Schneider ETFs, Featured, Market Commentary
Money Falling  iStock_000011863582XSmall

The Fed’s Gift of Free Money

17th June 2015 Elliott Wave International Featured, Market Commentary